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About 11 Plus Swot

11 Plus Swot was dreamed up one afternoon by Tim. His son was getting ready to take the 11+ exam and was astonished that no-one was offering online testing. You could buy books sure, but no-one had really taken advantage of the Internet.

He set himself to building Of course, by the time the dream was realised almost overnight a couple of other similar sites had appeared. Undeterred, he set about making 11 Plus Swot the best 11+ exam resource on the Internet.

Eight years, several thousand customers, and over a million 11+ questions answered later, and 11 Plus Swot is the number one 11+ exam site. 2012 brings a fresh new look and brand new great value prices.

We're sure you'll love it - so why not sign up now and get the 11 Plus Swot advantage?