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The 11 Plus Swot Advantage

What do I get?

Sign up today and benefit from:

  • 11+ exams written by well-respected tutors
  • Timed 11+ online testing. Take a test online and check over the answers
  • Automatically tracks your child's 11+ progress over the weeks for you
  • Download 11+ papers in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning
  • 11+ Multiple Choice and Standard format papers available
  • Hints and tips for getting ahead with your 11+
  • Information relating to the 11+ exam
  • 11+ advice for parents
  • 11+ Blog - read topical Grammar school & 11+ content and have your say.
  • A great range of complementary products - we've scoured the educational world for the best resources and books to help with your 11+ exam
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Advantages of joining 11PlusSwot

Saved Exams

Tests can be taken on-line and progress monitored and tracked. You can even save your test half way through and resume at a later more convenient time. (You must be logged in to view these)

Saved 11+ Exams

Completed Exams

Once the exam is completed it is marked and saved away. You can review the tests at any time.

11+ completed Exams

Chart Progress

Using easy to read charts each subject's progress can be tracked over time.

11+ Progress Chart

Subject Averages

At a glance view of all subjects and the average scores.

11+ Subject Averages