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  • Give yourself the best chance at the 11 plus exam with these simple steps to prepare for any exam. If exam time always seems to creep up on you, remember it’s never too late achieve success!

    Study environment
    Try to put away all distractions, and make sure you are comfortable. Everyone’s ideal study environment will be different, for some people complete silence is needed to focus, but for others background music is preferable. You need to think about what works best for you.

    No last minute cramming
    Although a small minority of people thrive of last minute cramming, it is widely noted that this is not the best way to revise. Try to be organised and give yourself plenty of time to prepare for each exam. A good way to do this is with a revision timetable, plan out how long you have to prepare for each exam. Remember you may want to revise for longer on certain more difficult exams, such as the 11 plus verbal reasoning paper, so find a balance that works for you.

    Practice on past papers
    Past papers are one of the most effective revision tools. They will help you get used to the style and format of the questions, as well as helping you to plan your time effectively. All the past papers you need for the 11 plus exam can be found on the 11plusswot website.

    Explain your answers to others
    This is a really effective way to get answers clear in your head and will also highlight areas which you need to do more work on. Try budding up with a friend who is also taking the 11 plus exam.

    Take regular breaks
    It can be counterproductive to study for long periods without a break.  Many studies have shown taking regular breaks helps to retain knowledge in the long term. Also it can really help with motivation.

    Taking an exam can be stressful for everyone involved, parents included! Being organised is the key to success, especially on the exam day! Remember everyone revises differently, so you must find what works best for you. You can find further tips and revision tools on the 11PlusSwot website.

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  • Today I decided to take a leap from the backseat and attempt the 11+ exam. As a 26 year old, a lot was riding on the results. Sure, if I had failed miserably, I would have undoubtedly been blogging about something else right now.

    I opted to take the medium length practice test. 20 questions, 20 minutes to answer them. I could have chosen a 10 or 30 question test, but felt that former gave less margin for error. Getting two questions wrong would mean a score of 80%. On the contrary, 30 questions could have proved even more embarrassing, with the odds against me to get every question correct.

    To my surprise, I battled through a combination of Maths, English, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning questions, scoring a respectable 19/20 (with over 9 minutes to spare). Ok, so at 26 I should really have performed well in this test in comparison to a child 15 years my junior, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little proud.

    My toughest challenge was the verbal reasoning questions. Here's an example of the kind of question your child will face;

    If the code for UNKNOWN is VPNRTCU What does OCWYWGS mean?

    In conclusion, I was a little fortunate to score so highly & I'm sure that my life experiences including a sound education had a large part to play.

    Can your child outperform my result? I'd love to hear your feedback, even if I am a little worried...

    Take a sample test here.


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