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  • 11PlusSwot created practice online testing for the 11 plus exam over 10 years ago and in that time we have gone from strength to strength. Hundreds of people take one of our tests every day and we are proud to have helped thousands of people gain a place into their chosen grammar school. 

    There are many tools available at 11PlusSwot to help your child succeed at the 11 plus exam. We feel the biggest advantage is the ability to practice the 11 plus test online. This has many benefits such as; 

    Instant feedback

    As soon as the test is complete the results are displayed. No more time wasted with manual marking. This also increases pupils motivation.

    Automatically Updated Progress Graphs

    After each test your child’s result is saved to your progress chart. This enables you to see how your child is progressing after each test. This is an important tool as it highlights subject areas where more practice is needed.

    Many More Question Papers

    Our tests are online which enables us to randomise the questions, ensuring the no two 11 plus practice exams are the same. This gives your child more chance to practice and hone their skills.

    Digital Experience

    Pupils often find digital testing less daunting than paper tests. Some may even find them a fun experience which motivates them to continue practicing.

    Fair Marking

    All our tests are marked digitally, which therefore eliminates human error, and gives an accurate result every time.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Completing online tests reduces the amount of paper used therefore reducing the effects on the environment.

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