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  • New Bundle Offers!

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    Great New Offers

    Here at 11 Plus HQ we have devised 3 great new bundles for our learners. Head over to our shop page and check them out!

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  •  11+ exam results

    You may remember a blog that I wrote a month or so ago, Can a 26 Year Old Pass The 11+ Exam? I certainly do. Having passed with flying colours, I now saw myself as the "don" of the grammar school entry test. Filled with this euphoric feeling, I'm sure you can understand my confidence when I stumbled across an article on the BBC news website asking - "Could you pass the 11-plus?"

    The article was similar to the 11+ sample exam I took. With 10 minutes to answer 15 questions, I started the timer. A combination of verbal & non verbal reasoning questions with a little maths thrown in for good measure.

    On completing the test, I checked my score. 10/15. That's 67%! I immediately began to doubt my 11+ credentials & thought it might be time to invest in some revision resources from the 11+ Swot shop.

    Perhaps the BBC's version of the test picked some of the harder questions, or maybe I was simply having an off day? Have you tried the tests? I'd love to hear your feedback.
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  • literacy 

    Although the literacy rates in the UK make good reading, figures for other parts of the world are a far less rosy. In contrast to the UK's 99% of over 15 year olds attaining at least a basic level of literacy, countries including Afghanistan & Sierra Leone are far less fortunate with rates of 28% & 37% respectively. Figures courtesy of UNESCO.

    September 8th celebrates International Literacy Day 2011 and we thought there's no better way to celebrate than with an English test of our own, courtesy of the team at 11+ Swot.

    In each question below, find the two words that are different from the others.

    Example: (blue, mountaincat, yellow, purple)

    Question 1

    a) panic

    b) fear

    c) ghost

    d) horror

    e) snake


    Question 2

    a) taunt

    b) compliment

    c) ridicule

    d) mock

    e) unwrap


    Question 3

    a) Paris

    b) Sydney

    c) Japan

    d) Canada

    e) Birmingham


    Question 4

    a) turnip

    b) kiwi

    c) parsnip

    d) mango

    e) carrot


    Question 5

    a) ant

    b) lug

    c) carry

    d) suitcase

    e) bear



    1. C, E 2. B, E 3. C, D 4. B, D 5. A, D

    Did you score 100%. For more eleven plus questions, take a sample test.

    To find out more about International Literacy Day 2011, visit their website.

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  • baby-passes-11+-exam

    This morning, whilst sifting through my Google Reader, I stumbled across a story about a 6 year old girl from Chadwell Heath achieving a GCSE in Mathematics. Though she only received an E grade, I wondered whether this was the start of things to come? The  article went on to tell of a 9 year old boy passing, with an A grade in the same exam, better than the vast majority of  Year 10/11 pupils. [Read the article here]

    I was amazed that a minority of children are outperforming peers, almost 10 years their senior. A quick search of the internet threw up reports of a Macedonian boy passing his Microsoft Certified Examination for IT Professionals [Further reading here]& a 16 year old becoming the youngest ever to pass their accountancy exam [Further reading here]. This was madness, not only are children scoring higher than children old enough to be their brothers & sisters, but now they are closing in on their parents.

    The debates will rage about exams getting easier, with GCSE pass rates rising [Read more], likewise with A Level & University students. But are our children simply getting brighter? With the continued developments in technology, communication and accessibility to information, I prophesise that it won't be long until we read of the first newborn baby becoming the youngest ever to pass the 11+ exam.

    Are your children ready for the to take the eleven plus test? Try a sample paper here & share your results in the comments section below.

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  • luke-mobile-app-developer 

    If you're following us on facebook or twitter you will already have seen our 11+ Swot mascot (the worm) come to life thanks to our friends at JellyHead3D.We thought we'd take this opportunity to introduce you to the man behind the 52 mile charity bike ride & the worm costume;

    Name: Luke Whittington


    Occupation: Mobile Developer

    Education: First Class Honours - University of Essex

    Hobbies: Badminton, Photography & Socialising

    Why Farleigh Hospice?: I've had various family members require the need to visit a hospice, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the work which takes place in a hospice is absolutely amazing. Without the love and care provided, I know that the situations my family members were in would have been a lot worse. Farleigh Hospice is funded by donations in the local community, so if we can help this service continue, then it's the least we can do!

    Why Did You Volunteer To Be The Worm?: How many people can say they have cycled 52 miles dressed as a giant green worm? Besides bragging rights, it's for a great cause and it's usually something outrageous like this that'll get people to donate money to charity (which is a different story altogether). The more money we raise for Farleigh the better.

    Did you know: I passed my 11+ exam and was offered grammar school entry some 10 years ago.

    You can donate to this fantastic cause by visiting our JustGiving page.

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