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  • When revising, if you get stuck on a question, don’t panic! There are many resources available online that can help you!

    It’s no surprise that E learning is on the rise. Technology is now used in many ways to aid learning, such as online practice exams and video tutorials, both of which can be found on the 11 plus swot website.

    The main aim of video tutorials is to explain processes clearly and concisely without too much effort required from the student. Written tutorials can sometimes be useful, but often the reader must apply a higher degree of time and energy just to understand the directions that they are supposed to follow.

    Videos on the 11 plus swot website have been tailored to suit the age and learning styles of students taking the 11 plus exam. There are more than 50 online video tutorials on the 11 plus swot website covering how to approach different styles of questions from both the verbal reasoning and mathematics section of the test. Below is an example of one of the 11 plus verbal reasoning video tutorials available on the 11PlusSwot site

    Video tutorials give students flexibility, as they are able to watch them at their own pace and replay some of the more difficult concepts. In addition, there is a much higher chance that students will be engaged by a video than a book. On videos with a voice over students may get an unconscious feeling of communication appealing to their social needs and holding their attention. Also most importantly, e learning can be fun! Learning using multi-media is refreshingly different from traditional forms of learning and may provide the motivation students need to achieve their maximum potential.

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