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  • The comparison between state schools and independent schools has long been debated; more recently this issue has been highlighted in the media, with independent schools achieving academy status. Former labour education minister, Andrew Adonis, referred to the education system as having a persistent imbalance between state and private systems leading to  a class-based barrier.

    The independent, or fee-paying, school is often criticized as being elitist and outside of the spirit of the state system. Parents of children who go to independent schools are often regarded as part of a wealthy elite who buy the privilege for their children going to top schools.

    Consequently, Andrew Adonis wanted to put an end to the fees and exclusivity of the old class system seeing the conversion of independent schools to state-run academies as the solution just like what happened years ago when grammar schools have been converted to comprehensive schools.

    This however, was not seen by many as the best solution to solve the imbalance between the state and the independent system. When the 11 Plus program was abolished 50 years ago to allow fair education between students, many people think that it was the best decision. However, as years passed and with several schools still adopting the 11 Plus program, it has been proven that the selective education is still working.

    What really needs to be done at this point in time is to end the continuous misrepresentation of the independent schools because while the UK leaders look for solutions abroad to end the educational woes, others look enviously to UK’s own independent schools because they know it is capable of providing the children the best education they deserved.

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