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    "Chalk and Talk" is the concept whereby a teacher stands at the front of the class and recites information for the pupils to take a carbon copy. This style of teaching is fast going the way of the dodo, thanks to the introduction of modern technologies.

    The classroom has reversed the institution of teachers teaching, putting emphasis on learners learning. Here are 4 reasons as to why this new style is more effective;

    1. It gives the pupil ownership of the learning outcome - It's simple. If Mr Jones chalks the question through to the answer, essentially pupils are nothing but human photocopiers. Discovering the answer through research will ensure that the pupils feels valued and reassure them that they "can do it".
    2. Preparation for adulthood - The world is digital, using the internet to research a topic is part of everyday life for adults. If we go back to basics, school is essentially a feed for the employment market.
    3. It encourages imagination - With the exception of Maths, there are 101 ways to get that A grade, especially for creative subjects such as English, Art & Technology. An active mind is all part of a healthy lifestyle.
    4. It's more interesting - Anyone who has come home with hand cramps will fight this corner, interaction rocks!

    Ok, so there are some instances when teachers do need to recite information for the pupil to absorb, however, only through application of that knowledge, will a child actually learn & understand the subject.

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