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  • With the technology growing so fast, a prediction has been made by a private school leader that the pen and paper exams will be replaced by an online tests within a decade.

    David Hanson of the Independent Association of Prep Schools believes that by 2023, technology will have been completely embraced by the education system making the pen and paper exams a thing of the past and a part of the education history.

    Maths, English, and Science will remain to be the core subjects in schools but Mr. Hanson believes that technology will soon permeate the education. Traditional exams like the 11 Plus exams for example, which are currently  taken by students as written exams, will be soon replaced by online exams where students take the tests on computers that analyze their ability and adjust the difficulty of the questions based on their skills.

    Aside from the fact that online tests will make the process faster, one of the benefits of online assessment that Mr. Hanson sees was that online assessment is more secure than written exams as mistakes made by individual markers will then be eliminated. He also believes that the implementation of online assessments can solve some of the logistical problems written exams are encountering such as the delivery and collections of papers.

    Although online tests are still on the process as so many things need to be considered first before pursuing this, it has already received good and positive feedback from some students and teachers. However, a lot of comments and reactions must also be expected when the online assessment has finally been implemented.

    Original Article featured in the BBC

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