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    Some parents encourage revision "at all costs", listen to music, play with a stress ball, stand on  your head, whatever it takes to get your child swotting up. Many parents that we talk to have banned listening to music during revision, but before you stop your child too, we searched the web for another side to the argument.

    • If your child feels comfortable listening to music, this should be encouraged. Listening to their favourite album will be less distracting than a new playlist because the sounds will be familiar.
    • We listen to music to calm, inspire and lighten our mood. Children require these qualities whilst revising to help keep focus.
    • Jazz and Classical music are popular choice mainly due to their lack of vocals. They act as white noise, which many argue is better than silence.
    • It works. For some children, it produces results. We recommend keeping tabs on your child, perhaps running a mini experiment.

    Food for thought. This is just a small sample in a sea of cons pertaining to the subject. We recommend, judging the age old question on an individual basis.

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