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    Although the literacy rates in the UK make good reading, figures for other parts of the world are a far less rosy. In contrast to the UK's 99% of over 15 year olds attaining at least a basic level of literacy, countries including Afghanistan & Sierra Leone are far less fortunate with rates of 28% & 37% respectively. Figures courtesy of UNESCO.

    September 8th celebrates International Literacy Day 2011 and we thought there's no better way to celebrate than with an English test of our own, courtesy of the team at 11+ Swot.

    In each question below, find the two words that are different from the others.

    Example: (blue, mountaincat, yellow, purple)

    Question 1

    a) panic

    b) fear

    c) ghost

    d) horror

    e) snake


    Question 2

    a) taunt

    b) compliment

    c) ridicule

    d) mock

    e) unwrap


    Question 3

    a) Paris

    b) Sydney

    c) Japan

    d) Canada

    e) Birmingham


    Question 4

    a) turnip

    b) kiwi

    c) parsnip

    d) mango

    e) carrot


    Question 5

    a) ant

    b) lug

    c) carry

    d) suitcase

    e) bear



    1. C, E 2. B, E 3. C, D 4. B, D 5. A, D

    Did you score 100%. For more eleven plus questions, take a sample test.

    To find out more about International Literacy Day 2011, visit their website.

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