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  • nfer 

    Everyone has heard of the 11 plus exam, however, few have heard of the examining board  who write the exam. Listed below are a few interesting facts about NFER;

    1. NFER is short for the National Foundation for Educational Research.
    2. They were founded back in 1946.
    3. The board are responsible for creating fresh, bespoke 11 plus tests for a range of schools & local authorities across the country each year.
    4. The tests are produced in accordance with the local authorities (& in some cases particular schools) specifications in terms of content and difficulty.
    5. Whilst the board write the exams, the content remains the property of the local authority or commissioning school. NFER are unable to make these tests publicly available throughout the duration of their use.
    6. In their own words NFER's research ensures that the range of products and services are engaging and exciting for the pupils.

    If you'd like to find out more about NFER, take a look at their informative website.

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