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  • The 11 plus exam is made up for four subject headings, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. In this blog we are going to be looking at the 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning exam. 

    Verbal reasoning is defined as “understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words.” This commonly used definition does not explain, in simple terms, what verbal reasoning actually is. So, with this in mind, we shall look into the verbal reasoning exam in more detail.

    The 11 plus verbal reasoning exam is commonly made up of 21 different question types and these can be grouped into 5 main topics; Codes, Creating Words, The Meanings of Words, Basic Maths and Reading Information. From this list we can start to see the types of things covered in the 11 plus verbal reasoning exam. They comprise of processing verbal information, logical thinking and problem-solving skills, identifying patterns and rules, determining word meaning, spelling of words accurately and applying basic math skills. 

    Even if your child has not encountered verbal reasoning style questions before, they could still possess the natural ability to excel in this area. Those who enjoy different types of puzzles namely – crosswords, word searches, word games and Sudoku seem to grasp the Verbal Reasoning section a lot quicker and more easily. Without doubt, encouraging your child to engage in these kinds of activities provides them with a good foundation for the 11 plus verbal reasoning exams. 

    At first the verbal reasoning exam may seem daunting but the only way to prepare for the 11 plus verbal reasoning exam is to do as many practise questions as possible. Your child will then start to notice the patterns in the questions and arriving at a solution will become a lot quicker. Here at the 11PlusSwot HQ we have compiled a range of practice papers designed to give your child the best possible exposure to all types of questions. Our papers contain 100’s of questions which will ensure they get to do as many verbal reasoning questions as they require.  

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