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    You've heard the horror stories, and dabbled in a social network or two yourself. But, should you let your child out in to the online world all by themselves?

    The simple answer is no. Although the online world is getting safer with the emergence of panic buttons such as Click CEOP, it is still advisable to monitor your childs activities until you feel that they are worldly enough to police this themselves.

    However, times are changing, and the internet is becoming a youth club of its own. Safely, children can play games, watch videos, meet friends and most importantly learn. Taking away the privilege of social networking from your child, is in essence, restricting a communication channel with friends.

    So, what networks are safe for your child to be using?

    Our favourite "imbee", describes itself as "a social networking and blogging destination specifically designed for kids from ages 8 to 14". After a little dabble, the site appears visually very similar to the early days of MySpace, with similar functionality to Facebook. Children can blog, share pictures, create an avatar (illustration of themselves), play games, watch videos & much more. The most important feature of imbee is that a parent must approve the creation of a profile, giving you the power to constantly monitor activity.

    Further "social networks" for children are in existence, including Active Worlds & Boom Bang to name a couple, both of which are safe and centred around having fun online. Although it's in a parents nature to worry, these new wave of social savvy sites are a million miles away from the archaic days of chat rooms and their uncertain safety.

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