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  • If you are looking to apply for a place at an Essex Grammar School then you MUST register by the close of business (4.30PM) on FRIDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2012. There is no flexibility in this date, so if you are planning on your child taking the 11 plus exam for an Essex grammar school then head over to the link below and register. The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex

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  • New Bundle Offers!

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    Great New Offers

    Here at 11 Plus HQ we have devised 3 great new bundles for our learners. Head over to our shop page and check them out!

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  • 11 Plus Swot Worm Cutting The Cake  11 Plus Swot 8th birthday Group Shot   

    Cake and presents graced the swot worm last week. As you may have heard we are celebrating our 8th birthday this month. Our on-line tests have helped tens of thousands of pupils practise and prepare for their 11 plus over the years and we hope this can continue!

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  • 11 Plus Swot Birthday

    This month marks the 8th year the 11 Plus Swot team have been providing 11 plus help and support to hopeful pupils. During this time we have helped thousands of young and ambitious pupils gain entry into some of the countries top grammar schools. We would like to thank you all for letting us help your child at this important time in their lives.

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  • In recent weeks the local secretary of the Teachers Union has called for a review of the 11 Plus system in Guernsey. Her concerns are that there was a worrying perception that children "fail" when they don't get into the grammar schools. This feeling of "failure" may hold some children back and restrict them from achieving all they could. Guernsey is quite unique in that 40% of children are educated in a grammar school so you can see how there is quite a noticeable divide.

    Here at 11 Plus Swot we are committed to ensuring your child gets the best possible chance at passing the 11 Plus. Although its easy to forget that not everyone is born to be super intelligent and that success or failure is in no way judged on exam results alone. Maybe the people of Guernsey need to be reminded of this....

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  • Children and parents alike were left shocked and confused when a recent change to the exam period was announced. Many parents start to prepare their child months in advance before sitting an eleven plus exam. To be told that they will potentially lose 3 months preparation time was not welcomed across the board.

    But is it all doom and gloom I hear you ask? Well no actually, there is method to their madness.

    Currently the 11 plus exam is held towards the end of November. By this time parents must choose which secondary schools to apply for. This may not seem like a problem but what if your child doesn’t pass the 11 plus exam? Frantic applications to the best state schools in the area will follow... Followed by a swift rejection letter saying they are already oversubscribed. Every parent’s worst nightmare!

    Let’s re-wind the clock and take the 11 plus exam in September. Your child passes and it’s all smiles and cheers. Your child fails and... No problem. You haven’t had to choose which schools to apply for yet! Now you can apply for the best state schools in the area safe in the knowledge that your child has a good a chance as any into getting into a good school.

    Here at 11plus swot we are behind the proposed changes and hope you, as parents, can see the benefits too.  For help with revising check out our easy to use online testing service. 

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