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One subject £10 Two subjects £20 Three subjects £30 Three subjects £40

Maths - English - Verbal Reasoning - Non-Verbal Reasoning

You can buy any of our on-line test for just £10 per subject. However, we have listened to feedback from our users and the vast majority of parents feel they want to prepare their child in all 4 subject areas. So, like the exam books, we have devised a cost effective way of helping you achieve this. 

There are over a thousand questions across the 4 subjects, which are divided into 5 exams per subject (or you can choose to have an exam randomly generated). You can take each test as many times as you wish and each time you do, your progress is recorded. You can easily see your progress in the form of a graph which shows your results over a certain period of time.

Here's how the offer works:

The more on-line test subjects you require, the more money you save. 

  • Buy any 2 subjects = £18
  • Buy any 3 subjects = £24
  • Buy any 4 subjects = £28

So if you want all 4 subject areas you can save yourself 30% off the combined price!

Please add the desired on-line test subjects to your basket and the discounts for your multiple subjects will be applied at the checkout. 

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