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Getting Started With 11 Plus Swot

You have probably already heard a lot about the 11+ tests that you can take for entry to selective schools. With more and more parents deciding that a grammar school education will provide the best opportunities for their child in an environment in which the pursuit of scholarship is paramount, competition is steadily rising for these coveted selective places.

With the 11PlusSwot website, you can download 11+ papers and take the tests online against the clock.

You can even view your results graphically and plot your progress!

Getting Started with the 11+

Getting started is easy! Follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1

Read up on the exam itself

Read how 11 Plus Swot can help your child pass the 11+ exam

Step 2

Take a sample test

Step 3

Sign up to 11 Plus Swot

Take tests and download papers!

What is standardised testing?