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Swot Saver Bundle

The Swot Saver has everything you need to give your child the best start on the road to 11 Plus success. From the many years we have been running 11 Plus Swot we have collated and analysed the purchases parents have made, and it was found that many parents were buying the on-line tests, exam books and video tutorials as a starting block - so we have bundled these products together into a great starter pack with only one purchase necessary.

The pack includes:

- Access to all the Online Tests covering the 4 subject areas

-Exam Books covering all the 4 subject areas

-Video Tutorials for Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning

If you purchased all the products individually the total would be £94!

The bundle is priced at only £58! (limited time only)

Please be aware that the questions in the book are identical to the online tests and downloadable papers.
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£58.00 £58.00