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The Parents’ Stress-free Guide to the 11 Plus (Bond)

The 11 Plus process can be stressful for everyone involved. This essential manual will be your guide through the process. Written by an experienced 11 Plus tutor, it sets out a simple and practical 4-step system that will ensure parents:
  • Understand the what is required in all four 11 Plus subjects (English, maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning)
  • Assess a child’s ability and progress within each subject
  • Prepare for the exam(s)
The Parents’ Stress-free Guide to the 11 Plus also provides:
  • A unique set of placement test to help structure a child’s individual learning plan
  • Guidance on finding a child’s spelling age
  • Tried-and-tested motivational techniques
  • Essential advice on managing stress
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