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Verbal Reasoning Test Practice

Verbal reasoning is the ability of reasoning by using concepts framed in words. It aims at evaluating the ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition.

Verbal reasoning plays an important part in your child’s 11 plus tests. The best way to practice is to take tests. 11 Plus Swot has a large number of verbal reasoning tests available for your child to take online. By doing so, give your child the extra benefit and confidence that he or she deserves.

Verbal reasoning as part of the 11 plus tests a wide range of children’s competencies, such as their ability to:

  • Process verbal information
  • Apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Identify patterns and rules
  • Determine word meaning
  • Spell accurately
  • Apply basic maths skills

What sort of questions are in the Verbal Reasoning 11+ exam?

These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying "odd ones out" in groups of words
  • Deciphering codes where letters are transposed
  • Spot and predict patterns using letters
  • Spot and predict patterns using numbers
  • How words relate to each other
  • Perform mental arithmetic

How can I help my child with verbal reasoning?

One of the key elements to success with verbal reasoning is a broad vocabulary. Consider offering alternatives to the words you would usually use, or ask your child for a synonym to something you are discussing. Note how words are can be similar yet different, such as "though" and "thought", or how two different words can be constructed from the same components. Also encourage mental arithmetic.

The best way to practice is with 11 Plus Swot online testing and paper downloads.
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