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11 Plus Swot Video Tutorials

We have put together a series of 30 Maths and 21 Verbal Reasoning video tutorials to help your child in any areas they may be struggling in.

Below is a list of the videos that are contained on the disks. (Also includes PDF copies)

Please note: there is no audio on these CD's. See below for an example of the video slide shows.

11 Plus Swot Video Tutorials


Verbal Reasoning

 1.1 What is a percentage

1. Alphabetical Order

 1.2 Percentage of a shape

2. Getting From one word to another

 1.3 Percentage of a number

3. Creating one word from two groups of words

 1.4 Percentages to fractions and decimals

4. Find the letter that ends the first word and begins the second word

 2.1 What is a Fraction

5. Finding the hidden word

 2.2 Adding Fractions

6. Given lots of information

 2.3 Subtracting Fractions

7. Moving one letter to make two new words

 2.4 Multiplying Fractions

8. Rearranging sentences

 2.5 Dividing Fractions

9. Simple letter codes

 2.6 Converting Fractions to decimals

10. Letter sequences

 2.7 Which is the bigger Fraction

11. Using the letters in a word to make a new word

 2.8 Fractions of quantities

12. Letters that Represent numbers (with addition)

 3 Coordinates

13. Letters that Represent numbers (with division)

 4 Reading graphs

14. Letters that Represent numbers (with multiplication)

 5.1 Averages

15. More complex letter codes

 5.2 Median

16. Unknown Number equations

 5.3 Mode

17. More unknown number equations

 5.4 Mean

18. Double Letter Pairs

 5.5 Range

19. Double letter sequence

 6 Perimeter

20. Complex numbers which represent letter codes

 7 Unit Worth

21. Letters that are similar in different words

 8.1 Angles

 8.2 Acute Angles

 8.3 Obtuse Angles

 8.4 Reflex Angles

 8.5 Perpendicular lines

 8.6 Angles in Triangles

 9 Ratios

 10 Probability

 11 Algebra