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Study on a Full Stomach

Empty plate finished dinnerYou've got them doing times-tables backwards, their spelling is perfect and they see non-verbal reasoning patterns in their sleep! But is your child nutritionally prepared for the exam?

Feeding the tummy with the right foods is almost as important as feeding the mind with the right revision for effective study. Someone who hasn't eaten enough or is dehydrated will not concentrate as well as someone who's packed with nutritious and sustaining food and liquids. 

Brain food

Although research is always shifting in this area as we uncover more about the cognitive functions, everybody agrees that breakfast is the best way to get the kids on the right path for the day. Studies show that breakfast helps attention, nutrition and weight control, so there's no reason not to give them a great start. Also try to eat breakfast with them. Not only are you setting an example but it's an important social activity.


The suggested intake for a child between 7 - 10 years old is:

Calories Protein Calcium Iron Fat Saturates Salt
Boys 1970 28.3g 550 mg 8.7 mg 76.6g 24.1g 5g
Girls 1740 28.3g 550 mg 8.7 mg 67.6g 21.3g 5g

Source: Government's Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food Policy (COMA) Report 41

You should try and balance your meals around these numbers, and take care when reading labels in the supermarket. Check back soon for guidance on how you can serve up winning meals and snacks every time.

Image copyright Leo Saumure Jr. Original image is on Flickr here.

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