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Bring Back The Cane!

... The candy cane, that is...


Rewarding your child for hard work and perseverance is an integral part in keeping them interested in a subject. Whether it's an ice cream at the seaside or a new game for their Nintendo DS, your child will appreciate that there is more reward to them passing their 11+, than merely your kudos and a place at the best grammar school in the county.

I recently attended an open evening, whereby the head outlined the cons of "the reward" and to be fair, he had a good argument. As an average, only one in seventy five young people that take the 11+ exam will receive a place at their chosen school. The odds don't look good. For your child, not getting an automatic place could lead to "double disappointment". No dream placement, No candy.

Of course the odds can be increased. A thorough revision plan, regular breaks, hearty meals are all ways in which your child can get a head start above their peers. Not to mention using online revision tools & exam aids.

Another option would be to set a percentage pass rate for your child. For example, a result of more than 85% will ensure they get their "candy". After all, in theory, your child could score 97% and still not secure that grammar school place.

We think little reward goes a long way. Go on, reach for that sweetie jar.

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