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Jargon Busting


Here at 11+ Swot, we believe in having fantastic verbal and non verbal reasoning skills, along with a superior Maths & English knowledge. Imagine our dismay when we found this list of educational jargon published on the Times Educational Supplement forum (we've selected our favourite six);


Young Person/ Learner - Child

Outcome Based Education - Teaching dependent on educational level

Critical Thinking - Allowing children to think for themselves

Learning Level - A confusing name for ground floor, first floor etc.

Consensus Building - Coming to an agreement

Co-operative learning - Working together


We thought it would be fun to put these into a sentence

"I was teaching a young person tailored to their outcome based educational needs. After a consensus building exercise, I encouraged a combination of critical thinking & co-operative learning on my learning level, the new science block."

Fortunately our 11+ revision aids are much simpler to understand, take a sample test. Visit our online store for more information & support in passing the exam.

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