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Can a 26 Year Old Pass The 11+?

Today I decided to take a leap from the backseat and attempt the 11+ exam. As a 26 year old, a lot was riding on the results. Sure, if I had failed miserably, I would have undoubtedly been blogging about something else right now.

I opted to take the medium length practice test. 20 questions, 20 minutes to answer them. I could have chosen a 10 or 30 question test, but felt that former gave less margin for error. Getting two questions wrong would mean a score of 80%. On the contrary, 30 questions could have proved even more embarrassing, with the odds against me to get every question correct.

To my surprise, I battled through a combination of Maths, English, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning questions, scoring a respectable 19/20 (with over 9 minutes to spare). Ok, so at 26 I should really have performed well in this test in comparison to a child 15 years my junior, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little proud.

My toughest challenge was the verbal reasoning questions. Here's an example of the kind of question your child will face;

If the code for UNKNOWN is VPNRTCU What does OCWYWGS mean?

In conclusion, I was a little fortunate to score so highly & I'm sure that my life experiences including a sound education had a large part to play.

Can your child outperform my result? I'd love to hear your feedback, even if I am a little worried...

Take a sample test here.


11 Plus Test Result

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